Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Green pond water? The secret to getting clear pond water for good!
The number one "problem" for pond lovers is yukky green water. We have been making ponds for over 20 years and know a thing or two about water and this information could save yu a lot of time, worry and money :)   It's pretty simple really...

Green pond water is caused by algae and garden centers and aquatics shops don't want you to know this but getting clear water is simpler than you think. Buying expensive chemicals and filters is great for garden centers, it makes them £££ over and over again.Why? because it doesn't work, at least not for long and you will be back for something else later in the season or next year.
At we have been working with ponds for decades and the way to nice clear water is pretty simple and even better it doesn't cost a thing.

Green water is caused by algae. Algae turns nutrients in the water (with sunlight ) into more algae. Simple.
Algae blooms when new, nutrient rich water is added to a pond ie:tap water. When the nutrients are used up the algae will stop.
People unknowingly "add" algae to water in several ways, through topping up the pond with tap water, adding new plants in soil full of nutrients or through feeding fish.(fish also produce nutrient rich waste). So you now you know how to think about slowing the nutrient side of the triangle.
The next part of the solution is reducing the light. Ever wondered why a pond covered in lilly leaves or duckweed is so clear underneath? Simply that plant leaves stop sunlight reaching the algae. It will not grow in the shade. Gardeners are experts in knowing how to utilise sunlight to make plants as good as possible, you just need to think of the pond as a vertical flower bed. If the plants in and above the water thrive the algae will not.
solarsolutionsfountains bring a pond to life and help make your water feature a focal point but remember if you have pond questions, we have been been advising british gardeners with ponds for 20 years!

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