Thursday, 23 July 2015

A customers "natural pond"

A lovely photo of a customers fountain. A very nice natural planting around the edge. A really good example of getting "the natural look" just right. It can take a bit of time to get thiss look but when its done right it looks like its always been there. Snowy the dog seems to approve :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Save £40 on our high powered pump system

     Save £40 on high power system!
We have managed to secure a price break on our high powered pump system which we are happy to be passing on to you. This means for an extrra £55 you can now upgrade from our standard system to our high power 1500 litre per hour pump. Remember you can always turn the volume doiwn if you don't need it !

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Why our pumps are different and what we test...

I'm often asked what we test and why our fountain systems are different. I was pondering this question this week while testing a solar powered system for a charity garden.
The pumps we use are quite simply the best on the market but, during the visual check of the internals I noticed parrt of the impeller housing was not sitting flush. After inspection and replacement of seal, I noticed a slight imperfection in the plastic moulding. I carefully removed the burr and replaced. Much better!
Then I remove the factory connectors and replaced with our preffered connectors which are more durable and give better contact.
Next the cable on the solar panel was removed because its contact performance was poor. Replaced with a  double insulated with a fully approved outdoor rubber cable that is highly resistant to the UK weather conditions and will not degrade. Size mm2: 1 MM designed to withstand a temerature range of : -25C TO + 85C 
With any 12-24 volt system getting good contacts and a really well put together means that a 1500 litre per hour system does just that. It is easy to cut corners and lose 10% here and 10% there. Thats why we thoroughly test each one. That way, we know we have done it right and have put together a system that will out perform its rivals and give years of service!