Monday, 14 July 2014

The most commonly asked question we get is:
 "What’s the benefit of using Solar Power? "  or words to that effect.
There are many! First and foremost, solar power is so simple - when setting up a fountain, all you have to do is connect the panel to the pump, and away you go! There is no need to call in an electrician - otherwise essential, as electricity and water is a dangerous combination. Solar Power is safe for children and pets - no trailing cables, or need for circuit breakers. It also means you can site features in nooks and crannies - no need to worry where your mains supply is. And finally - of course - Solar Power is the ‘green’ option - care for your planet whilst enhancing your garden.
The short answer is , it is just simpler , all you need is a panel and a pump!

Solar Solutions Fountains formerly based in Kington (as some of our customers will remember!) is now based in mid wales and supply solar pump kits all over the UK by mail order. We have been the experts in solar fountains for 15 years and our fountains have been installed at the National Trust, Tintunhull, The Environment Agency, Pershore College of Horticulture,  and numerous schools, colleges, and group venture projects.

 Solar Solutions Fountains offers a choice of two, simple to operate, ready to go, complete kits: one has a maximum head of 2 metres and pumps up to 700 litres/hour, and a second, high-performance kit capable of pumping 1500 litres/hour and capable of lifting water up a tube 3 metres. Both can be used for fountains, statues and all types of water feature. We have handy photos and videos to show you just how simply they are!

Each Solar Solutions Fountains kit comes complete with everything you need for years of cost-free operation you will need no tools, no specialist knowledge, and no costly circuit breakers or power cabling.

 It goes without saying that solar power is the 'green' choice cherish your environment whilst enhancing it.
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