Monday, 8 June 2015

Just a reminder of how easy it is to make a solar powered waterfall

Unusual river visitor!

Here's something you probably won't see near your wildlife pond. Very unusual to see one this clearly although you might get really lucky. Big undisturbed ponds are more likely haunts than the garden...

When you dig a pond you always end up finding big rocks, rubble and who knows what else. Save yourself moving them and make an amphibian / reptile home! It doesn't have to be big, just face it toward the morning sun. Lots of other wildlife will love it too. Remember lots of frogs and toads means less slugs! visit solar powered fountains that dont need batteries

Monday, 1 June 2015

more customer feedback...

"Dear Alex,
                 After a good look at the eclipse we ended up with sunny day here  and the fountain worked  beautifully all afternoon. The 'Vulcan' spray pattern looks very elegant and you were right about us needing the larger model for a 3x5m pond. It has been my winter  project and the fountain has added the final spectacular touch. Many thanks.
sincerely AB"

customer feedback

We are having lots of great feedback on our pumps. We really do provide the best solar powered pumps in the UK. We are going to add a customer feedback to our website (with customer photos as well!) but in the meantime here is recent feedback..
" just a quick note to say that although we have not had any decent weather up here, we are delighted so far with the solar panel and pump. I’ve just set it up as we had an hour of sun this afternoon, but what I find amazing is how it is running when it is overcast. Having had a few solar panels on different things over the years, I know how the cheap ones need direct sun to really work, but yours are different. It is currently completely clouded over, overcast, windy and even spitting, yet the pump is still running. It’s obviously not at full strength in these conditions but even so, it is very impressive. Once the sun is out the amount of water it moves it really impressive, and the cast iron water pump will look really good once it’s all fitted.
Have you ever considered showing a video of your products running when it’s overcast? Everybody advertises when it’s sunny, but showing it in less than perfect conditions would set you apart. ."