Thursday, 21 January 2016

are attachments and pre filters needed on pond pumps?

An interesting question has come up this week with a system I assembled for a customer. When we set the pump up to suit whatever you are making we obviously supply the tubing and nozzles but there are a lot of spare attachments or accessories in the box as well. Are they needed?
There is a tendency for pump and pond manufacturers to make things sound much more complicated than they actually are. Our system is very straight forward. You connect the pump to the panel and put the pump in the water.
When the pump is in the water you then fit either the supplied tube (running the water through a water feature or waterfall or you fit the spray nozzle and use it to create a fountain.
Most modern pumps (including ours) also have lots of accessories and attachments most of which are never needed.
You can for example use a "T piece" so that half the water goes up the tube , the other half to the fountain. There is also a pre-filter which I have never used.
If you look at one of our pumps in the picture at the top of the page you will see it is fitted with a fountain spray nozzle. Attaching a tube instead is just about the only other variation in 99% of cases. Of course if you need something unusual, just ask but to answer the original question....simple is best (in my opinion)
Alex , solar solutions fountains

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